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    Adobe AIR Local Database Questions


      Hi All,


      I have very limited experience using Adobe AIR but it seems really cool since I'm plenty familiar with jQuery and other web technologies. We have a client interested in creating a desktop application that would rely on the local database feature of AIR. I have some questions though before I begin development.


      • I understand that AIR uses SQLite correct?
      • How robust is this database system? Some of the larger implementations of the AIR desktop software we're planning could have 500,000+ db records, is AIR cut out for this?
      • Where can I get some info on making use of the local database?


      Here's some other non-DB related questions:

      • Can we send out software updates via CD for those without an internet connection at thier location?
      • Can AIR allow an application to interact with a USB device?


      Thanks for all your help!!