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    Question Sony NX5U Users: is the LPCM Audio issue resolved?

    Bases Loaded Level 1

      I have been reading about issues with the Sony NX5U and a problem with importing its files if the audio was set to LPCM…


      Any user feedback / is this fixed now in the latest version of CS5 (not 5.5)..

      Dont want to spend a lot of money on mic’s for this camera and find out I cant export  & edit the audio as 16 bit .wav files.


      I see if the camera is set to record Dolby Audio there is no longer an import problem, cant use Dolby here /must have 16 bit 48 KHz .wav files / LPCM...


      >>How about Premier not reading the time code properly from these NX5U Camera’s?


      I know there are better camera's but this one looks interesting for the price point, except for the above.


      What ya' think NX5U users ?