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    Standard frame rate for 1080p NTSC?


      Hello and thanks for having me! Very new(b) to Adobe Premier, so I'll throw something basic out, thanks for your advice:


      the short version:

      What is the 'standard' framerate for NTSC 1080p? Does this framerate differ from what you would use for output at 720p,

      and would you choose different framerates depending on delivery method (web vs. bluray)?


      the long version:

      I have at my disposal a very capable rig to work on, and just doing some basic editing for my audio CV reel. The source material is usually 1080p and sometimes 720p, whether it be streamed into my capture card HDMI from playback sources, or full production originals which I have scored for clients.

      Therefore, while editing my reel together, I'd like to work at full 1080p and downconvert for smaller formats afterword.


      However, I am very new to video editing, and not sure what framerate to work in. I see the available selections of NTSC 1080p at several framerates,

      and I am aware of all available framerates in the US and abroad, so my question is:


      What is the standard frame rate for NTSC 1080p used for BluRay or highbandwidth web transmission? Some are telling me 'use 60, its standard'. Others tell me its 24. Still others say 24 is only for working with film, or interpolating other sources to 'make your stuff look like film'.


      Thank you for any answers or resources, and have a nice evening!