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    Unable to save PDF files “The file may be read only or another user may have it open"


      I have a user that is having issues saving Adobe files with Adobe Reader X. The user has Windows 7 Pro x64.

      The user opens the form “Purchase Form_desk.pdf” from his desktop or My Documents and populates the fields within the form. Next he clicks on Save and gets the “Save As” windows to save the form. The user is attempting to save the form using existing name “Purchase Form_desk.pdf” and he gets the following message “The file may be read only or another user may have it open. Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder”. I thought maybe the issue with corrupt installation of PDF so I went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader X which did not resolve the problem. This issue seemed to happen with all the PDF form files he has. I tried to duplicate the issue on my laptop but could not, I was able to give the file a name, open it, enter data, and save using same name.

      Can anyone assist?