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    xfdf and pdf works in Adobe Reader 6, but not with new versions 7, 8, X


      I have a xfdf file which is created by querying a SQL data base and contains data for a pdf form; it works with Adobe Reader 6, but does not work with new versions of Adobe Readers (7, 8, 9 and X).
      It is an intranet site running IIS 6.0 in Windows Server 2003 Web Edition SP2 with Adobe 6 installed and client systems include XPSP2, XPSP3, Vista, Windows 7 with different versions of IE, Firefox.
      With new versions of Adobe Reader, click on the hyperlink launched the pdf form in a browser window without data; below is the link:


              // create shipping slip hyperlink
              string strLtrSlipUrl = "~/Archive/LtrShipSlip.pdf#FDF=" + lblWO.Text + "LtrShipSlip" + ".xfdf";
              HyperLink hlLtrShipPdf = new HyperLink();
              hlLtrShipPdf.Text = "Ltr Shipping Slip";
              hlLtrShipPdf.NavigateUrl = strLtrSlipUrl;
              hlLtrShipPdf.Target = "_blank";


      I have installed new versions of Adobe Reader in the Web server (to match what the clients are using), but results are the same – blank pdf.
      I uninstalled the new versions and installed version 6 and the pdf and xfdf worked happily together, but we need new versions of Adobe Reader in the client computers.
      Thanks for helps and suggestions – I have read articles about using iTextSharp to create pdf documents from .NET apps, but that would be my last choice.