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    Cannot insert column into table - help?


      Hi all, I got this form from a person who used LiveCycle ES2 9.0.0, Windows 7 to build it.  She asked me to simply add another column to the table, but for some reason I cannot do it!


      Fortunately she had an earlier version where a column was insertable, but this issue is still bugging me.  I've tried everything I can think of, merging cells, etc. but the table remains stubborn.



      Can anyone tell me how to fix this table so that I can actually add another column to the end of it?


      Document is here:





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          pguerett Level 6

          I think the issue is that your table width is the same size as the page ...if you reduce the width of the table (your columns will get messed up) then you can insert a column and resize the table to take the width of the page (your colums will straignten themselves out after the resize). Note that I had to reduce the width in the XML source.



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            maestrodog1 Level 1

            Yeah, I know about the need to reduce one or more column widths in order to insert another if it would take up more page space than you have available.  Problem is, I could not do that through the conventional click and drag on the border of the columns like I could before, in this particular document.  How can I get to the XML source to manually change the numbers, if that's what I need to do to fix this?

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              pguerett Level 6

              Under the View menu ...make sure that XML source is checked on. The XML Source tab will appear with the Designe View and Preview tabs. When you activate the XML source it will seem daunting. You can use the hierarchy view to find your object and highlight it. The XML view will adjust to show you the beginning of that object definition. Be very careful in there as changes to the wrong areas can cause big problems.



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                maestrodog1 Level 1

                So far everything has been correct as you've told me.   I found the XML code and the correct object (whole table) and experimented with changing the number on the width.  While the outer "blue" outline showed a change, I'm still left with the inability to insert an additional column in the table.  In fact, reducing the width of the whole table made it worse, because now the "edge" of the table is embedded in the middle of the columns instead of outside them.  And I only seem to be able select one cell in a column after changing it.


                So while you've given me a little information on table parameters as indicated in the XML code...the underlying problem remains unsolved.