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    Debugging a Photoshop panel with FB4

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      I'm trying to get my environment set up to debug a Photoshop panel I'm working, since the include AIR debuggers is apparently no longer supported. I've followed all the steps in the CS5 sdk guide, like setting the PlayerDebugMode to 1, and adding the Contents/debug file to Photoshop.


      In the documentation it then says in FB to:


      1. Open your project in Flash Builder and select it in the Package Explorer.

      2. Choose Run > Debug > Other.

      Getting Started with the Adobe Creative Suite SDK Packaging and signing your extension for deployment 19

      3. Select Web Application and click New to create a configuration for Web Application.

      4. Enter "Debug <extension_name>" in the Name box, and the name of your project in the Project box.

      5. Deselect the "Use defaults" option.

      6. Replace the values in the Debug, Profile, and Run boxes with about:blank.

      7. Click Apply and close the dialog.


      In the dialogue that comes up under Run > Debug > Other, there are no such "Debug, Profile, and Run boxes." The only place I can see to enter "about:blank" is under "URL or path to launch." That doesn't really make sense to me, since I'm not trying to launch about:blank.


      What should I be doing here?


      Also, once all of this is done, Nothing shows up under "Run > Debug > your_debug_config_name" as the guide suggests. I have to go back to "Run > Debug > Other" to select my profile again.