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    Audition 3 - maximising panels temporarily

    SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

      This is a very handy feature!


      The default key is the ~ ("tilde")  key, unshifted, normally found below the "Esc" key. But to select the  panel to be expanded you must click on its left-hand tab, the one where  its name appears - you can't click just anywhere in the panel to select  it for this purpose.


      For instance, if you click on the tab of  the waveform or track display labeled "Main" and then press the ~ key,  it will temporarily expand to fill the whole window. Press the ~ key  again and it goes back to its previous size. This can be very useful if  your monitor is not very large and you have many panels displayed at  once.


      The keyboard shortcut can be changed using "Edit>Keyboard shortcuts" if you wish.