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    Preparing audio for CD burning

    SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

      I think that the information here applies to all versions of Audition, including CS5.5, because it relates to using an external burner. There may be small variations between different versions, but I will check this out and modify the document later, if needs be. Ozpeter's original guide (which this mainly is) will certainly give you the basic information you need, though:


      If this is the first time you've tried this, you might consider using a  suitable test file to experiment on, and burn to a re-writable CD.


      Assuming  that your material is fully prepared - that you have got a single  44.1kHz 16-bit stereo file displayed in edit view, possibly as a result  of a mixdown from the multitrack - you can proceed as follows:


      Right click on the time scale at the bottom of the waveform.
      Choose 'Display Time Format>Compact Disc 75fps'.
      Right click on the time scale again
      Choose 'Snapping>Snap to frames (always)'.


      Those steps should help ensure click-free transitions from one track to another.


      Go  to the beginning of the file and click there, so that the cursor is at  00:00:00:00 - press F8, and that will drop a cue mark there representing  the start of track one on the CD. Now place the cursor at the point in  the file that you want to set as the beginning of the second CD track.  Press F8 to place a cue mark there. Proceed through the file in a  similar fashion until the start of every track has been marked. Then  finally place a cue mark at the end of the last track, normally the end  of your displayed file.


      It might be a good idea to save the file now, with the cue marks in it. To ensure that the cues are saved, use "save as..." and put a check mark in the "save non-audio data" box. The program should default to this setting in the future.


      Now select 'View>Show Cue List'.
      In normal Windows fashion highlight (select) all the cues listed there.
      Press the Merge button that is part of the cue list window.
      Your  cues have now been changed into ranges , which represent the start of  track one to the end of track one, the start of track two to the end of  track two, and so on.


      Now highlight all the ranges, and press the 'Batch' button.
      In the dialog that appears, click on the 'Save to files' button so that the lower part of the dialog is enabled.
      Enter  something relevant in the 'Filename prefix' box - like "Track" or  "Song" or whatever - this will ultimately create files called "Track1,  Track2" etc or "Song1, Song2...."
      Set Seq. Start to "1".
      Specify the Destination Folder in normal Windows fashion.
      Set the Output Format to "Windows PCM".
      Click on "OK"


      This will generate in the directory you specified the files you will then burn to CD using Nero or whatever.


      In  Nero, the audio CD wizard should guide you through the process. Each  file will become a separate track with a separate track number.


      If  you have allowed space between the tracks when you laid them out in the  Edit view in the first place, you probably don't want Nero to add 2  seconds between each track. The same applies if it is continuous  material like a live concert - you don't want silence between the  tracks. So in the Nero list of tracks, highlight all but the first  track, right click and select Properties, then set 'Pause' to zero.


      In the burn dialog, make sure that you set the Write Method to 'disc at once'.


      Sounds  complicated? Not really. Once you've done it the first couple of times,  it will only take you a few moments. Once you've seen and understood  what's happening you should be able to adapt these instructions to suit  different circumstances as the need arises.

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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

          Here's a tip if you've followed the above instructions and you've still got a click between two tracks.


          Say for example that the click happens between songs 4 and 5.


          In  your original file containing all the songs, check that the cue marker  between songs 4 and 5 really is exactly on a 75fps frame boundary.  ("Snap to frames" should be selected - drag the cue marker by its  coloured top just a tiny bit, when you are zoomed in close, and you  should see it jerk from one frame to the next).


          Now do the same  for the cue marker at the beginning of song 4 (in other words, the cue  marker that separates song 3 and song 4) If that cue is not on a frame  boundary, it may cause a click at the end of song 4 (because when the  file is split, the end of song 4 will now no longer be on a frame  boundary).


          Hopefully that should fix your problem.

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            SteveG(AudioMasters) Adobe Community Professional

            An alternative approach to preparing material for CD burning using Adobe  Audition is provided through the use of "CueListTool", a small freeware  program available from http://www.stefanbion.de/cueltool/ which prepares a Cue List which Nero and EAC and other packages can use.


            It's  simply necessary to insert cues in your mixdown at the points where  each track begins. You don't need to use the 'Merge' and 'Batch'  processes described above - you'll be burning direct from the single  master file. CueListTool will write a Cue Sheet containing the points  you've marked. Then in Nero use 'File > Burn Image" to create the CD.  Or in EAC use 'Tools > Burn CDR... > File >Load Cue Sheet'.


            Yet  another method is possible if you have the Nero CD burning program -  proceed in Nero as if burning an audio CD containing one track, using  your entire mixdown (or other) file which contains cues where you want  each track to start. Then, still in Nero, right click on the file and  choose "Properties", then choose "Indexes Limits Split" tab, and click  on "Split at index positions" and follow the subsequent prompts. Nero  will then create tracks based on the location of your cue marks.


            Further information concerning a question regarding the use of Audition with CueListTool 1.7 to burn a CD with Nero:-


            Having  prepared (in Audition or CE) a 44.1/16 stereo file with track cue  points at each place you want a track to start, including the beginning  of the first track, and saved it, and closed it, then....


            In CueListTool ver 1.7 - using strip of "buttons" on right side -


            Click Wav (topmost button) - and select file to burn
            Click Wav (next button down with green arrow) - to list cues
            Click Cue (7th button down with floppy disk icon) - to save cue sheet
            Fill in resulting dialog as required, then click "Save and Burn" at the bottom of the dialog
            Fill in resulting "save cue sheet" filename dialog
            Fill in resulting "Burn CD" dialog - here the two boxes read...
            "C\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\nero.exe"
            in quotes in both cases.
            Click OK


            If  you have Nero installed that will then invoke it - if you know the  command line parameters for calling Nero, which appear somewhere in  Nero's documentation, you can add any other parameters you want in  addition to the "%s" - such as setting the speed. Here, when Nero runs,  you get the chance to set the speed anyway. I don't add extra  parameters.


            Sounds complicated when set out fully like that, but  once you've done it the first time, thereafter you can normally just  "click through" the dialogs, as they present themselves with sensible  last-used values, so it actually takes about 5 seconds.