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    Why are keyboard shortcuts so difficult to find for ANY Adobe Product?!

    RuesterProd Level 1

      If you look at FCP or Avid, their shortcut menus are graphical and easy to see what shortcuts are assigned to which buttons... how come Adobe has nothing like this?


      There are forums upon forums and websites dedicated to this one question that could mostly be alleviated with a nice, simple GUI to show the shortcuts. Instead I am forced to use these tedious drop down menus, with not even a search feature to help me along.... Here's a 'fun' excercise... try locating the Shortcut for Setting an In-Point Marker for a Clip. If you go to the Keyboard Customization Window & under Application > Marker > Set Clip Marker > In --- it shows up blank, even though I know it's "I", so I try to set it to I, just to get it to show up in the pane, but then it says it's already set to the Same Exact Function, just in a different drop down menu!!


      PLEASE Adobe, make us a little application/plugin/whatever (for all Adobe Products) that gives us a nice, EASY way to SEE and SET our shortcuts! It's frustrating to have to keep searching on the internet!




      I work as an Editor, and I love Adobe Premiere Pro, with the exception of this minor flaw, and I talk to Editors who, on just a few accounts, have mentioned that shortcuts are a part of the reason why they stay with FCP, or MC... and I know someone will say you can set the Keyboard Customization tool to FCP7, BUT it's nowhere near complete (They even have an issue with it on the Adobe Shortcuts Video at Adobe TV here: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/switching-to-adobe-premiere-pro-cs5/shortcut-keys/)