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    Widescreen viewing - a basic question


      I know this is really going back to basics but I just want to make sure I have the set-up right as I always seem to end up with photos containing short fat people or people that are very tall and thin!


      For a slideshow where photographs only are being used, can you please advise on what is the best project set-up (Pal Standard or Widescreen?).  Does it make a difference when only using photos to select DV or Hard Disc/Flash memory camcorder?


      Also, when burning the project to disc am I best to select the Preset Dolby DVD or Widescreen DVD?  The DVD will be for viewing on a Widescreen LCD so I am assuming that the Preset in the Share screen would be the Widescreen option?


      Is it necessary to select "interpret footage" for these images?  I tried that last time and it seemed to stretch the pics and distort them.


      Thanks in advance for any comments that may assist.  ( I am currently using PE4).



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming you want your project to come out as widescreen, you should select a widescreen project setting when you start your project. If you're using photos only as your video source, it doesn't matter if you select the DV or the Hard Disk Camcorder project settings -- but, for best results, you should right-click on each photo in your project, select Field Options and then check the option for Flicker Removal.


          There is no need to interpret the footage. However, as I'm sure you know, your photos will perform best if resized to 1000x750 pixels before you load them into your project.


          Naturally, you would also choose the widescreen option when you output your DVD using Share/To Disk.