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    Getting duplicate tags

      Hello, we are just about to laucnh a new website. I am the customer. My developer is using Cold Fusion and creating many of the pages dynamically. Unfortunately, I just noticed that all of the pages have duplciate tags because they are pulling from several different .cfm files. Oneis called, application.cfm. One is called audio.cfm. And then there's the actual page, index.cfm, home.cfm etc. Right now, the code looks bad. Take a look at some of these pages: http://www.thevoiceforgod.com/ or http://www.thevoiceforgod.com/home.cfm

      There are duplicate html tags, title tags, body tags, everyting is duplicate becuaes the application.cfm file and the actual index.cfm or home.cfm files have all of those tags too. So, when they get combined, there's double trouble.

      What can we do about this? Don't the application or the audio.cfm files hae to have these tags too? or don't the index and home.cfm pages have to have these basic tags too?

      I want to laucnh the site now, but I want to resolve this first so search engine spidres don't freak out.

      Thank y ou.