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    Flash player requires intel pentium 4 2.33ghz,I have  intel CPU T2080@1.73ghz processor

    thryeufcjv Level 1

      I am trying to use Adobe Flash player at home to simply surf the web. For a long time I've been getting prompts to update Flash Player and however much I updated it the prompts kept on poping up. This got so frustrating I decided i'd try to fix the problem once and for all. So I checked the system requirements Adobe recommend for the update I had been downloading and found one of the minimum requirements to be an intel pentium 4 2.33ghz processor. I checked my system and I have only an intel CPU T2080@1.73ghz processor. My question is, does this explain why I am having so many problems? I've tried to download an earlier version of Flash Player but I always get redirected to the version. How it has come to this I am not quite sure but I must admit I have removed the Flash Player from my computer at the moment and I'm worried that it was a mistake because will I ever get a working version again? I am running Windows Vista 32bit and Internet Explorer 8 32bit. I am out of my depth so please be gentle!