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    Possible bug - Missing click event when handling change event

    EvyatarBH Level 3

      Using Flex 4.5 SDK, I have a spark ComboBox and a Button next to it for applying a filter according to ComboBox selection.

      I listen to both the ComboBox's change event & the Button's click event (for different functions).


      When I manually delete the ComboBox text value from its TextInput (i.e. changing selected index to -1) and immediately click on the Button,

      the click event-handler function is not being called and only the ComboBox's change event-handler function is executed.

      (Selecting a value from the ComboBox's list and clicking on the button triggers both methods on the right order.)


      There's also a state definition for the module, but it isn't being changed during these operations...


      Is this a bug or a correct behavior? Am I missing something here?


      Any workaround suggestions?

      (I thought of listening also to mouse-down or mouse-up on the button instead, but haven't tried it yet...)


      *** UPDATE ***

      When using the Button's mouseDown event the behavior is as expected, so there's a simple workaround.

      However, it seems to me like there's a bug with the Button's click event listener or something...


      *** UPDATE #2 ***

      I created a test application for that and couldn't reproduce the problem.

      Then I figured out the problem and solved it.

      It's a bit emmbarrasing, but I actually disabled the button (enabled=false) as in a child method of the change handling code...

      (If there is no value, don't allow applying the filter - It makes sense! )


      Anyway... No issue after all.

      However, I choose to leave this post (and not delete it) as an example of identifying and resolving a strange behavior in a complex application.