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    IFrames, Microsoft Media Player, JavaScript

      We have a Flex App where an I-Frame loads a secondary HTML page with an embedded MS Media Player object. It is extremely important that we be able to use JavaScript commands to control the MS Media Player.

      The MediaPlayer object has an ID of MediaPlayer. We want to be able to issue JS commands to do the following:

      function getPlayheadTime() {


      var cp = document.MediaPLayer.control.currentPosition();


      The problem - specifically the browser doesnt appear to see the DOM for the media player when it is playing in the I-Frame. It just isnt there at all. Even Firebug appears blank. So we can't seem to get the handle to MediaPlayer whenter we issue a handle as MediaPlayer.somecommand or MediaPlayer.control.somecommand.

      Is it the fact that the I-Frame in Flex is somehow not seeing the document components? Its very strang.

      PS The page and JS works file when we run it just as a script in an HTML (i.e. no IFrame).