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    Optar Level 1

      I`m using CS5 Production premium and I have edit movie (1440x1080 25fps 1,3333). Pal DVD and blu-ray is ready, but now I need to make Nort American festifal copy NTSC DVD and Blu-ray. Is that so simple that I took squence to media encoder and pick up Format: MPEG2-DVD Present: NTSC 23,976p widescreen and after that I open NTSC project on  Encore and burn DVD. Same thing with Blu-ray? I make test clip this way and it`s look fine VLC player, but I can`t test DVD or Blu-ray because I don`t have pure NTSC stand alone player. Does anyone know this issue? I don`t want to send copy that is not working

      properly.  Thank you.