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    Version-controlled project:using find and replace



      My RH9 project is under version control.  I have a list of "broken" links that are actually links to topics in another project.  I want to do a global replacement of the path for one of the broken links.  I choose Edit>Find and Replace in Files. I list the old path and the new path, and I click Find.  RH finds occurrences of the broken link in 25 files.  But it won't let me replace them... it says the files are read-only.  As far as I can tell, the only way to make the changes is to close the dialog and edit the files one at a time, which automatically checks each file out of source safe. However, this is not an efficient method!


      I guess I could check out all the files in the project before attempting the find and replace. Does anyone have a better suggestion? Is there an option in the Edit>Find and Replace dialog that I'm missing?