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    can we load jsp in flex ? urgent


      Hello all,



      I have loaded a jsp in flex using google's flex-iframe compent. But the css styles defined in the jsp is not rendering. It is not taking any styles.Is there is any alternative way ?


      My application is in flex, but i need to load some (<15) jsp files inside flex . which is best way of doing this ?

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          miguel8312 Level 3

          There maybe a way to do this but i dont think so. what i have seen in the past is people develop a widget with flex/flash and then they actually embed in browser. or you can simply add a pop up call using (externalinterface) method call to javacript and then you actually call those JSP pages.



          never used i frame but it would seem feasible that you would have a separate webpage and in that web page you would load the jsp files and show through i frames. do you have any  examples of what you are trying to do?




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            pauland Level 4

            I suspect that your JSP contains relative paths and that you are serving the JSP from a differrent path to that the Flex application is served from, so the CSS isn't being fetched. The fact that it's a JSP is irrelevant.