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    CS5 - Layer links get lost when copying/duplicating to another psd-file

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      Following problem when using Photoshop Extended CS5 12.0.4 on OSX 10.6 described as example situation:


      1) You have a psd file with several layers and/or groups.


      2) Let's say 1 layer (N1) is linked to another layer(N2)  in that file and a further layer (N3) is again linked to another layer (L4). That makes 2 linked layers sets. (N1 and N2;  N3 and N4)


      3) When copying those linked layers to another existing file (either by using drag and drop, but also if using the duplicate layer/group menu option), all linked layers get linked together as one link, meaning that your previous SETS of linked layers are gone. (all 4 layers are linked together now as one instead of 2 separate sets of 2 interlinked layers.


      Note: The only way to partially fix it was to duplicate the group  into a new file (using duplicate layer group from menu option as new  file), but i require it to be working for copying content from one  existing file to another existing file, hence this method is not  satisfactory.


      4) Does anyone know how this can be fixed, it looks like a PS bug to me?


      Any suggestions appreciated, many thanks.


      Best regards