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    Writing the correct code


      I work at a bank and myself and IT takes care of designing and creating our website.  Things have been a bit crazy busy for a while but I am trying to make some updates to the homepage that IT isn't able to assist me with right now. I would really like to include the following code to show the weather and google directions on the homepage but we are forced to have a pop up box come up when someone clicks on it that shows it is an external site.  I need to tweak the code provided by the weather station and google directions and include our code that shows that it is an external site.  Can anyone assist me with this?  Here are the codes we are using:



      External website message:


      <a class="out" href="http://www.savingsbonds.gov/" target="_new" onClick="return confirm('You are now leaving the Savers Bank website. Savers Bank is not responsible for the content of third party sites hyperlinked from this page, nor does it guarantee the products or services offered on third party sites. You should review the privacy statement of a website before you provide personal or confidential information.\n\nProceed to savingsbonds.gov?')">Savings Bonds</a>






      <a href="http://www.findlocalweather.com/forecast/ma/worcester.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.findlocalweather.net/forecast.php?forecast=zandh&pands=worcester+ma&config=png& alt=hwivzone&hwvbg=green&hwvtc=white" border="0"  alt="Click for the latest Worcester weather forecast."></a>




      Google Directions:



      <script src="http://www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr?url=http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/11428111139 1296844949/driving-directions.xml&amp;up_fromLocation=&amp;up_myLocations=270%20Main%20Str eet%2C%20Southbridge%2C%20MA%2001550%20(Southbridge%20Branch)%20%7C%2055%20Main%20Street%2 C%20Sturbridge%2C%20MA%2001566%20(Sturbridge%20Branch)%20%7C%2035%20Trolley%20Crossing%20R oad%2C%20Charlton%2C%20MA%2001507%20(Charlton%20Branch)%20%7C%2038%20Auburn%20Street%2C%20 Auburn%2C%20MA%2001501%20(Auburn%20Branch)%20%7C%206%20North%20Main%20Street%2C%20Uxbridge %2C%20MA%2001569%20(Uxbridge%20Branch)%20%7C%2096%20Worcester%20Street%2C%20North%20Grafto n%2C%20MA%2001536%20(Grafton%20Branch)%20&amp;up_defaultDirectionsType=&amp;up_autoExpand= &amp;synd=open&amp;w=320&amp;h=55&amp;title=Directions+by+Google+Maps&amp;brand=light&amp; lang=en&amp;country=US&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js"></script>