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    "Rename Project" STILL causes RH to stop working.

    Lew at Chyron Level 1

      Unbelievably, "Rename Project" just causes RoboHelp HTML to stop working.


      I've seen other people ask how to do this, and seen the advice from experts in this forum.


      Given the experts' knowledge, and the simplicity of the command, I know this should just work. I do this, being a good boy and using underscores even where I probably don't have to.


      Rename project menu selection.jpg Rename project dialog.jpg


      But then, I get one of these charmers:


      Adobe RoboHelp 8 has stopped working dialog after renaming.jpg

      It's this simple, it's instantaneous, and it's utterly unapologetic and without cermony. The program says it needs to close, it closes and that's it.


      I've subsequently tried re-opening the project folder in which I attempted the Rename, and RoboHelp immediately folds,with the same dialog as above.


      This is an installation of updated RH 8 that is only a couple of months old, on an extremely potent, new Windows 7 machine, and RH has been doing EVERYTHING else well, except for this.


      I know nobody sees this internal project name but me, but it's hopelessly out of date with our products, and doesn't seem like an unreasonable thing to want to change.