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    Printing from MiniBrowser

    Grant S Gibson Community Member

      I'm loving the CSS features proposed by this project and demo'd with the MiniBrowser.


      I'd really like to be able to print examples to share with colleagues who don't have access to this browser yet.  But the print option in MiniBrowser seems broken - no matter what appears on screen, the print option always gives me one or two blank pages.


      Is there a workaround for this, or any fix planned?  Does it work better on Windows (I'm testing on a mac)?



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          Alan Stearns Adobe Employee

          We aren't planning on working on MiniBrowser functionality - it's a WebKit development tool we're just using for now. Our focus is on getting the spec right and submitting our code to the WebKit trunk. There are ways of getting our prototype WebKit working inside a standard WebKit browser like Safari where print will work.


          None of our samples were made with print in mind, though. As the layout shifts for the printed page the columns get too narrow, and sometimes the exclusion shapes collide. We'd need some separate print styling added to the samples to make them look a bit better. You may want to just use screenshots to share for now.

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            Grant S Gibson Community Member

            Ok, thanks.   I'll use screenshots for now.


            I'm keen to try altering the stylesheets for print media, but no rush... I think I'll wait until these extensions make it into a mainstream browser.