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    maintaining internal word cross references in word import


      I'm using RoboHelp 9.0.1 trying to import Word 2007 (docx) in order to generate a WebHelp. I have adjusted my style mapping in order generate an appropriate TOC with books and matching sub chapters, which works fine. However, internal Word cross references from the original Word document are not transformed into hyperlinks.


      I have already tried/verified the following:

      - The "convert cross references to hyperlink" option is checked in the RH-Word import settings.

      - I also tried fiddling with the Framemaker options as it is suggested in another thread (see beneath), with no success.

      - Within the Word source document I tried both options with "use hyperlinks instead" when creating cross references.

      - The RH-HTML source, in all of my attempts, does not show any links in the corresponding locations.


      What may I be missing here? According to another, similar thread, the feature should work and is really not that challenging:

      "RH9 - Can not create ANY links in linked Word documents"