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    Dynamic Linked AE comp not using all cores in Premiere CS5 to render

    digitlman Level 1

      I have a project that is taking forever to render and am trying to troubleshoot it. It has an AE comp that is used several times and seems to be the culprit. If i load that into after effects and render with my "use 7 of 8 cores with 1GB ram each" setting in afx then my cpu usage is about 80-90% and it renders that segment in 50 seconds.


      Now when i link that into premiere and it is rendering along almost maxxing out all 8 cores until it hits that comp and then cpu usage drops down and only one core is at 80% and the rest are around below 20% and that segment takes almost 10 minutes for premiere to get through.


      Now obviously i can pre-render that and replace the comp and the problem will be solved but i would much rather see premiere render at full speed like it should. Am i missing something? With multicore systems this would make dynamic linking almost worthless if it wont use them (and i LOVE dynamic linking, it is a GREAT feature)


      system is win7, cs5, dual quad xeon (8 cores), GTX 460, and 20GB ram.