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    Digital signatures?


      Okay, I've searched and read and watched videos on YouTube and obviously I'm still not getting it.  Here's my situation:


      Our company uses QuickBooks and often e-mails Order Acknowledgements to clients.  QuickBooks creates a PDF and generates an e-mail with the PDF attached.  Super easy, which is important because the tech savvy in the office is iffy.  We need clients to sign the document and get it back to us, which they do by printing and faxing.  We would prefer to allow them to digitally sign the PDF and e-mail it back.  How do we do this?  Is there something special that we have to do to the PDFs we send so that they can be signed?  I have one of them open in Reader X and I'm not seeing anything that will let me sign it.


      Also, does anyone know of a simple guide to creating a digital signature in the first place?  I found how to format the signature's appearance, but not how to actually set my name and so on.


      Thanks for any help you can give!

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, you do need to do something special. The document has to be Reader-enabled. Specificially, it has to have the digital signature usage right. This can be done using either Acrobat Pro (8, 9, 10) or Adobe's LiveCycle Reader Extensions server-based product. Note that Acrobat Standard cannot apply this particular usage right, though it can apply others.

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            cjvannette Level 1

            So you're saying that we'd have to take each PDF and edit it in Acrobat Pro before sending it to the customer? Ugh, sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Unless we can figure out a way to have QuickBooks enable them when it creates them ...? Intuit customer service was supremely unhelpful on this topic.

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, that's what you'd have to do, and the process cannot be automated with Acrobat, only with LiveCycle Reader Extensions. Quickbooks cannot do this.


              If the recipient has Acrobat (Standard/Pro), you don't need to do this.

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                cjvannette Level 1

                So if we create the PDF in Pro and enable it, then someone with Reader can sign it, but if we send them a non-enabled PDF, only someone with Pro can sign it.  I think I got it.  Thanks!