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    Very strange sound problem - plays unwanted sounds on button click.

    Dan Erhard Olsson

      Hello All!


      I am currently facing a really wierd problem. I hope someone else here have bumped into this type of problem and solved it.


      So here it is:


      I've got an MC in a scene later in the game. Inside this MC I have got sounds playing on the timeline. These sounds are using "event" and not "stream" etc.


      These sounds starts looping when I press a button in the very beginning of the game, even though the sounds has never been "seen" or played on stage, flash sort of picks up the sound from a future scene and starts looping it, without anything there that orders it to do so! All the button does is this:


      function goAppartment(evt:MouseEvent):void{
      (root as MovieClip).gotoAndPlay(1, "Appartment0");



      At the scene "Appartment0" this sound is neither anywhere to be seen. As I said earlier the sound this button "picks up" is in a future scene.


      Note that not all buttons triggers the sounds to play though. But all of a sudden, most of them does and I wrip off my hair in frustration;)


      Does anyone have a clue what is causing this? Or have someone encountered the same kind of issue?


      Thank you a thousand times, should anyone contribute to a solution:)