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    newbie question


      ok dumb newbie question

      for a flash application I inherited, see screen shot, once I selected a layer, (pencil showing) how do I get it displayed in the work area so I can actually edit its components, honestly I have right and left clicked everything I can see, and checked all the all menus looking for something that gets it done. this app is all static, web forms, so  there's no real timeline considerations, so I have minimized that aspect by putting it all on the left side and creating a bigger work area.

      maybe you can see in the smallish image below, the black layer is selected, the pencil is showing but the white display is blank

      this is macromedia flash mx ver 6.0


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          marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

          Every layer in Flash has three icons next to the name (on the right).


          They are (from left to right): show/hide, lock/unlock, change preview to outlines.


          If you click on the dot under the last icon (outline preview), all the elements that appear on the selected layer will display as outlines.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You should probably expand the timeline so that you can see which frame you are in.  If you are in a frame with no content, you will see nothing.  Also, if the file only uses actionscript to create what it displays, the same will be true.

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              bbxrider Level 1

              thanks that helps a lot

              I kept clicking the rightmost icon on the layer line itself not the icon on the top, and then realizing that to see only 1 layer at a time had to hide all the others, and it seems you have to have the time line open enough to click/select one of those sections, anyway so now the real work can begin

              any suggestions for tutorials on the action scripting? one layer, which in this case is a 7 item web form, pretty simple,  has 500+ lines of script which seems to be a lot and so pretty complicated. it looks like jscript, or is it a flash script that is java like?

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Actionscript is similar to other languages, including javascript, though some elements of it are borne from Flash-specific objects and functionalities.

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                  bbxrider Level 1

                  THANKS FOR THE HELP


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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You're welcome