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    How to work with FB 4.0 Debugger with Flash Pro project?


      I've followed the Flash Builder instructions carefully but am not able to debug a Flash Professional project with it.


      Running : FB 4.0, Flash Professional CS5, OSX 10.6.7, Flash Player 10.2.x


      I set a breakpoint in a class file and choose "Debug Movie" in Flash Builder -- (when I choose "Debug XXXX", where XXXX is name of my app, it says "File could not be found.").


      At that point Flash Professional launches and starts build, then FB 4 launches, then Flash Professional launches and sits there -- the Flash Debugger starts up and hangs, i.e. spinning beachball of death.  Flash Builder debugger is never invoked, nothing happens.


      I edited the FLA publish settings to "permit debugging" and that changed nothing.


      Just to see what was happening I published the project from directly within Flash Professional, in a browser; when I context-clicked and got the context-menu, and selected 'debugger' it said I couldn't use the debugger.


      Stumped and wanting to work with the FB debugger.  Any way to get it to STOP trying to debug in Flash Professional and come on back to the FB debugger?


      Any help much appreciated!