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    InDesign Version & VB Script

    iogeorgescu123 Level 1

      Is it posible that a Script made with VB Script runs with no problems with InDesign CS 5 from CS 5 Master Collection and does not runs with InDesign CS5 from CS 5 Premium. Both computer are running the same OS (Windows 7 x64).




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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          No, it should not be possible. Unless of course the script calls out to some other Adobe Software that's only in Master Collection, like After Effects or Premiere or something...

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            iogeorgescu123 Level 1

            I don't know how it works (the script I mean, I didn't make the script) but basically what it does is inserting a frame in each page in a specific position with a text and the page number. I am working with loose-leaf and I need 2 systems for page numbering, a relative one (first then page are numbered from 1 to 10, the following 20 page are numbered fro 55 to 75, and so on; it's specific for loose-leaf) and an absolute one (from page 1 to page 200 for a file with 200 pages for example).


            It may work with some libraries specific only for Master Collection?

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              While nothing is impossible, it's highly unlikely. (It might also look for the presence of "C:\MAKES NO SENSE.TXT" and only work if that is present. Scripts can do almost anything.)


              Have you tried: Trash, Replace, Reset, or Restore the application Preferences: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/526990?


              Other than that, can you post the script, please?

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                Hav you tried to run InDesign as administrator on the one tha does not work ok?


                I think, then, that the problem is one of permissions. What I've done on Windows 7 installations is to go to the InDesign application folder (in program files), select the InDesign.exe file, use the Context menu (right-click) to display the Properties panel, and then turn on the Run This Program as an Administrator option in the Privelege Level section of the Compatibility tab. Click the Change Settings for All Users button to apply the change (assuming that your current user profile is an Administrator).
                Let me know if that helps!




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                  iogeorgescu123 Level 1

                  Even if I am not a programmer (I didn't make the script, I have it from a friend and I tested it on both InDesign versions so I know it works), I know that a script can do almost anything. This one does nothing (also included in anything).


                  I tried to make an empty file "C:\MAKES NO SENSE.TXT" but it still does not work. Maybe because the file is empty? Any suggestion what to write inside?


                  The InDesign on which I tried is newly installed.



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                    John Hawkinson Level 5
                    I tried to make an empty file "C:\MAKES NO SENSE.TXT" but it still does not work. Maybe because the file is empty? Any suggestion what to write inside?


                    I'm sorry, that was rhetorical. I was trying to make you understand that a script could do anything and there was no way to know without looking at the script. I gave you the most ridiculous example that came to mind -- you were not supposed to actually do that!


                    We cannot help you unless you provide the script! Please post the script.

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                      iogeorgescu123 Level 1

                      In fact I didn't make that stupid file. I know enough English and I am an advanced computer user so I knew what it was about. But I had a really bad day at job, I am really pissed off by this script problem and I was not really in the mood for this kind of comment. So I let it out...

                      I regretted later but the cat was out of the bag. I am sorry and I do apologize for that.


                      Regarding my problem, I uninstalled the CS 5 Premium Collection (the one where the script does not work) and for testing I installed a CS 5 Master Collection (on the same computer). With this CS 5 Collection the script works with no problems. So it is clear to me that it is a CS 5 version problem.


                      I am sorry that for the moment I can not post the script, I didn't make it and I was asked not to share it without permission. For the moment my friend is not reachable so I must wait with the posting. If he will not be able solve the problem now that we have a clue (at first he also told me that the version should not be a problem) I will ask his permission to post the script.



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                        John Hawkinson Level 5

                        No problem, I wasn't offended. Maybe now I am just a touch that I was taken in and actually believed you though! ;-)


                        Incidently, you didn't tell us how the script fails. "Does not run"? Is there an error message?


                        You can try opening the script yourself in VB and looking for things that reference products that are only in Master Collection. References to Bridgetalk or the names of such products would be a giveaway...

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                          iogeorgescu123 Level 1

                          Sorry for the long silence, I was cut off from the Net for a while (technical reason). Mean time my friend (who made the script solved the problem). For we don't know what reason, a library file (Resources for Visual Basic.tlb) was not seen as installed (registry problem).


                          From my point of view, the problem is solved and closed.

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                            Nlwest User Group Manager

                            We were not able to use the solution of Run this Program as an Administrator, because when you run a program as an adminstrator, you lose the mapped drives on the workstation. We use the mapped drives extensively on our network for our workgroup. For example, drive S:\ is our regular drive for production that goes to the dfs PROD, so we remap S:\ to PROD.NEW when we are testing, and all of our scripts reference the mapped drive letter, so we can use them for testing purposes.


                            What our IT administrator found was the BEST solution for us as multiple users on a network was to add Modify rights to the user accounts. He logged into the machine as administrator, and did the following:


                            1. Open your InDesign application folder and select InDesign.exe.

                            2. Select Properties from the context menu.

                            3. Go to the SECURITY tab

                            4. Under the "Group or user names:" section, select USERS
                            5. To change permissions, click the EDIT button
                            6. Under the "Permissions for Users", in the row “Modify,” in the column "Allow" check YES to allow users to modify
                            7. Click OK


                            This will do the same thing as the above suggestion (run VBScripts under Windows 7)  AND keep the mapped network drives visible for those who use them.