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    Sequence "Zoom"?


      Hey all!


      Basically, I'm having a problem when editing/exporting.


      During editing, the video is perfect in the left screen, but when I place a clip on the timeline and play this/export the video, the video (now on the right side) becomes somehow "zoomed" in. It doesn't crop with black frames, it just merely zooms in towards the center of the image. This causes a few inches of each side of the video to be lost, and any text on the sides of the image disappear either completely or partially.


      Here's a photo of the problem. It shows how the text on the left down side of the screen completely disappears on the right side even though both sequences are put as "Fit", and it shows also how the person in the middle of the screen is "bigger".problem.PNG

      Any help in this would be truly appreciated as figuring this out on my own is just not working. Thank you!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          When one gets either a Zoomed Frame, or gets black borders, it is usually a sign that the Sequence setting does not match the Frame Size of the Source Footage. In CS5/CS5.5, one can drag an Asset to the New Icon at the bottom of the Project Panel, to create a Sequence that does match.


          Joe Bloe Premiere has a nice graphic on where the New Icon is. I'll grab his image and post that too.


          Good luck,




          Here is Joe's image:


          Thanks to Joe!

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            Rambo93 Level 1



            Thank you for your response! That worked completely! Thank you!!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You are most welcome and thanks go to Joe Bloe Premiere for doing the graphic. As I do not have CS5.5 installed yet, my image would have been from an older version, and might have been a touch confusing.


              Good luck,



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                my image would have had some snakes in it !


                where it says " low on ammo" it would say " low on snakes ! "

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                  TradeWind Level 3

                  FYI - you can ALSO right click on the clip in your timeline and choose "Scale to Frame Size." This is most useful if you've already built out a sequence or are using large footage items in an existing sequence, such as an HD video project for broadcast.


                  In these cases, you wouldn't want to use the drag-to-new-item method because you'd want to conform to an existing sequence or to your destination format.