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    Context Sensitive help




      I am having problems with context sensitive help. I have a hyperlink on a page, and when a user clicks the hyperlink he is redirected to robohelptopic with a mapid.


      I am having two issues here.


      1) When I click the hyperlink the orginal page goes blank and robohelp opens up in a seperate window,but always the first page opens up irrespective of the map number.




      I have include the javascript file.


      and this is my hyperlink markup


      <a href='javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0,"myurl",0,205)'><span

                      class="margl10 blue" >ONLINE HELP</span> </a>


      note :205 is the map number

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          It looks like your CSH call is off. (I assume you are using the default RH JavaScript API.) Try: 'javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0,"myurl",HH_HELP_CONTEXT,205)'

          The 0 you provide as the third variable tells the script to open the default topic no matter what you specify. You may also want to take a look at Peter's site: http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/calling_webhelp/using_map_ids.htm


          You also mention the help opening in a popup. As far as I can see, the help call opens two popups: One popup from the page you are calling the help from and another popup to open the help. Which popup gives you problems? (I don't use this API myself and I'm just making this out from the code. If it works differently that I describe, please let me know.)