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    DNG 6.4.1 Available Separately?

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      I updated to Camera Raw 6.4.1 flawlessly with Photoshop's updater, though I am intrigued as to why the quick turnaround in producing a x.x.1 release.  I see that 6.4.1 uses the same ReadMe as 6.4.


      On looking for a corresponding DNG 6.4.1, I could not find one.


      Earlier today I followed a link claiming to have a combined installer, but which delivered only Camera_Raw_6_4_1_updater.zip. Clearly I wouldn't want to run a combined installer, anyway, as I already have the Camera Raw part.  Now all I see is this:




      Is the fact that there's no DNG 6.4.1:


      • An oversight?
      • An indication there is no need for a DNG 6.4.1?
      • Me being impatient while a DNG release is being prepared?
      • Me looking in the wrong place?
      • A change of policy in delivering the DNG converter updates?