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    Can I Package a SWF+XML into a PDF Container?


      I've got a SWF that I've built in Flash Builder that reads an external, local XML file. I'd like to create an external process that effectively packages the \bin-release folder into a single PDF that would then play the animation which is reading the also packaged XML file. Ideally, I could have an external process that would modify the contents of the XML, package it up with the SWF into a PDF, and then export the final PDF output as a single file.


      Effectively, I'm trying to mimic a feature found in our Business Intelligence software which does exactly what I'm describing (see the first bullet of page 4 of this document).


      My plan is to have a separate source system generate the XML on demand, and then trigger whatever process needs to package it up with the static SWF and produce the final PDF output. I'm open to using anything, even if it's just calling some command line utility (I assumed Adobe had one but I can't find one).

      This is different from printing to PDF, because the SWF will need to play inside the PDF. This ability was added in Acrobat 9.


      Any ideas or leads would be helpful, thank you for your time.