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    Adobe Reader X 10.0.1 vs PDF Xchange Viewer 2.5

    Pav Bedasie



      I created a PDF document from a Word 2003 SP3 file using trial Adobe X Pro 10.0.0. The document properties shows PDF Producer as Acrobat Distiller 10.0.0 (Windows), Application as Acrobat PDFMaker 10.0 for Word and PDF Version as 1.6


      The PDF created just fine without issues. The Word document was 101 pages and so is the PDF.


      The issue I have is that when I print this document, the printer spool size is huge. I tested printing to a Ricoh Aficio 4000 MP printer with 3 different printer drivers, PCL 5e, PCL6 and Postscript 3.


      The PDF size is 252KB and I used Adobe Reader X 10.0.1 to print the document.


      The spool size generated is 119MB for PCL5e, 68.3MB for PCL6 and 7.84MB for Postscript 3.


      I then printed the exact same report, using the freeware PDF Xchange Viewer 2.5 and my results were 6.34MB for PCL5e, 1.59MB for PCL6 and

      5.68MB for Postscript 3.


      The tests were done on my Windows XP SP3 32-bit laptop.


      Can anyone explain why the huge difference in spool size? Has anyone had similar experience.


      Your comments/feedback would be appreciated.





      I would like to add that I neither favour Adobe Reader X nor PDF Xchange Viewer 2.5 over the other. Another reader may give different results too. I am only trying to find out what could cause this, which may help me resolve network bandwidth issues.