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    adl will not show content with Flex 4.5

    cafeParadox Level 1

      I recently installed flash builder 4.5 and I am unable to debug any AIR desktop applications. I'm running a mac book pro with Snow Leopard 10.6.7. I created a simple hello world AIR application but when I attempt to debug it, the icon shows in the dock but no window will appear. If I modify the app.xml file and set the visible attribute to true, I will get a window, but no content.


      I can publish the application and my test application will run fine. If I execute adl from the terminal with the -nodebug option, the application will also execute just fine.


      adl -profile desktop Main-app.xml                         <--- no content

      adl -profile desktop -nodebug Main-app.xml           <--- content


      Trace statements will work fine with -nodebug but will not show up otherwise. There are no exceptions, no error logs, nothing. I am totally perplexed. I can the swf file being loaded but then it's like it just doesn't get added to the display list. I don't get it!


      By the way, using the exact same AIR sdk with Flex 4.1 will work fine. What the heck is it with Flex 4.5?