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    creating a transition (exploding text?)




      A novice here. I am working on my first banner ad, and I've hit a snag. What I want to achieve is an exploding text effect, though I may have bitten off more than I can chew the way I have done it so far.

      I started the first frame with a bit of text, the second frame had two bits, third frame 4 bits, and then I loaded the spray tool and kept adding each frame until the stage was almost full. This was the effect I wanted to achieve, so far so good. But then I want to make all those words explode off the stage again. I tried breaking apart the text and dragging them off one by one, but because I used the spray tool, there was so many of them, it took ages, and in the end I didn't get the desired effect. I've played around with shape tweening, doing a similar thing, but only one word was animated to bounce off the stage. Please dont' tell me I need to do it for each and every word in it's own layer--there's a hundred or so of them. (Courteousy of the massive dump of the spray tool-great effect, but now I want it gone!)


      So, I wonder is there a way I can do it so that I animate only a few of them to explode, but then copy and paste this on several layers so that it gives the effect of a whole lot of words exploding off the page?


      I am not married to the explosion idea, I just thought it would be effective for my next key frame which is also a word (not sure yet how I am going to bring that in). If there are other ways I can effectively move the text pile on so that the next phrase can enter the stage. I don't particularly want to use a fade out effect, it's not dramatic enough--the text that's piled up is a dollar amount, (I mention this to trigger ideas ), and fading won't work. Crumbling from top to bottom might be okay, but I don't know how to do this. If anyone has ideas on how I can make the text explode (even if it means going back and creating the text pile again without using the spray tool, if that's the problem). Or, another way I can transition to the next frame. Sorry that this is so long.