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    Adobe Premiere Elements crashes on export




      I am working on a video project in Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. My computer is a Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Dell XPS M1530 laptop with the following hardware:

      Toshiba MK3263GSX Disk Drive

      285 GB, 149 GB used

      burst transfer rate: 3 MBps

      5400 RPM

      8 MB cache

      Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T8300

      2.40 GHz

      4.00 GB of RAM


      Whenever I try to export my project (which is less than 3 minutes long and contains no more than 2.25 GB of 720p 30fps video), the program crashes. Usually, the progress bar will go about half way before an Adobe message tells me that Premiere is running low on system memory. Not long after that, a Windows message appears telling me that "Adobe Premiere Elements has stopped working" and it crashes to the desktop. This has occured without fail perhaps 50 times in all my tries to get this to save.


      As this project has progressed and become larger and larger, it has become more and more difficult to export. At first, there were no problems. Then, I had to start restarting the program or my computer immediately before exporting. After making a few more changes and additions, I have been entirely unable to export succesfully.


      I have set my export settings at far lower levels than would be acceptable for this project, but the program still crashes. I was most recently trying to save the file as an .mpg with the NSTC Widescreen DVD settings. Trying to save in other file formats and at other settings has not been succesful.


      I do realize that this is probably a commonly asked question, so I apoligize for bringing it up again. I have searched for information on this topic and have tried several suggestions, including changing the virtual memory and cleaning up my hard drive.


      Is my computer just too weak to export this project? Would a more recent program fix my problem? Are there any techniques or suggestions I should try?


      Thank you very much for your help.