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    Purpose of Adobe PDF Link Helper


      I have an idea of what this browser add-on does.



      Adobe PDF Browser Control

      AKA  Adobe Acrobat Sharepoint OpenDocuments Component

      AKA PDF Browser Control


      Apparently if I disable it PDFs embedded in a page with the <embed> tag fail to function properly.


      However, I can't find anywhere accurate documentation on what this add-on below does.



      Adobe PDF Link Helper

      AKA Adobe PDF Helper for Internet Explorer

      AKA AcroIEHelperShim Library


      IE9 seems to work flawlessly without it.  PDF's still open within the browser with it disabled.  Only if I uncheck Display PDF in Browser in Readers preferences does that cease.


      So, can someone (hopefully Adobe) entlighten me on what this add-on does, and why I shouldn't just have all employees have this disabled by default?