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    Misallignment of text within frames


      I have created a movie with 8 frames in and each frame uses the same template and buttons of which are in exactly the same place as the movie plays. The problem is some of the text within the buttons is appears to be slightly out of allignment but it only happens when viewing this on different computers - the laptop I have been working on does not should this, everything looks to be in perfect allignment; the movie will be viewable on the web so it needs to look good!

      I am using Flash CS5.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It could be due to differences in the fonts on the different computers.  If you want to insure the text remains the same on all and if the text doesn't get dynamically assigned, then use static textfields and break the text down into graphics.  To do that select the text and choose Modify -> Break Apart twice.

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