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    Failed to download (-2999)

    David Malloch

      I download and then double click an acsm file from my local library but the full file download invariably fails with this message. Eventually it'll work but it's getting tedious. I've tried rebooting PC, router, even trying in the middle of the night but it makes no difference - there's no obvious reason why it fails or works ! Anyone got any ideas ?

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          Level 4

          My guess focuses on the software that's giving you the error message.  Sorr,

          but I don't recognize it from my experience with Windows PC's.  And I'd bet

          you're about to tell me that the problem occurs only when you're trying to

          download an ebook from your local library.


          Here are a couple of things to look at, based on my experience:


          If this problem occurs only as above, then my guess is that the library's

          ebook management software is running into a conflict with your



          Also, there could be an issue with the files that are being downloaded -

          corruption or something unexpected in the bitstreams.


          Neither of these issues would be something that ADE could work with and

          resolve.  Trust that many, many library ebook borrowers don't have the

          problem, so I'd contact the library's technical support function and see if

          they have any ideas.  I HOPE they do!