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    RoboHelp slow to open topics and allow editing

    JC @ Salient Level 1

      I had this same problem when I was using RoboHelp 7 and then it went away after I upgraded to RoboHelp 9. Now, all of a suddent, it is doing it again in RoboHelp 9. It seems specific to my larger projects. I was able to use a smaller project without this problem. However, it started almost instantly yesterday while working in my project so I don't think it is just the project size. It is pretty annoying so if anyone can offer help, I would really appreciate it.


      When I open a topic to try to edit it, the topic displays almost immediately but it freezes for about 20 seconds and I can't do anything during that time. It happens with every single topic, even the very small ones. I installed the 9.0.1 service patch but it didn't help. I also tried renaming the CPD file after I saw a tip on one of these forums. That didn't help either.


      Is anyone else seeing this or do you have some recommendations?