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    Problem with a 3D object imported from Photoshop (CS5)

    Jeff Sydor Level 1

      Hello, I have an interesting problem that I've never encountered.


      I have a PSD file that contains a 3D object I created from AutoCAD. I need to animate the object and add it to a video comp I previously created.


      After importing the PSD into aftereffects and making the rotation and camera adjustments that I needed, I rendered a movie to see if it was correct.


      For some reason the object got washed out or something when animated. As if it had a Screen blend mode attached to it (which it doesn't).


      All blend modes are set to normal and all opacity settings are also at 100%.


      I'm attaching an image of what it looks like in AE and what it looks like in the rendered video.


      Any advice is appreciated!


      In AE.png


      In QT.png