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    Generating a PDF file from a formPrintView:PrtViewCreateScr = new PrtViewCreateScr();

    Scott R. Hamilton Level 1

      I am using formPrintView:PrtViewCreateScr = new PrtViewCreateScr(); to create and loada form to print the contents of a database record.


      I would like to be able generate and save a pdf file containing the same data formatted in the same way.


      Is there any functionality available in FLEX 3 to accomplish this?


      Is there an external open source offering available? (I have seen AlivePDF, but there doesn't appear to be any current traffic on the web site I know of - lucamezzalira.com/2009/02/28/...)


      Is this covered in Flash 4 and would an upgrade to this release be the better route? (given that the pdf create/save is an important feature of my application)


      Any ideas/suggestions woudl be greatly appreciated.