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    Titles & Graphics Move after rendering


      I am new to Adobe Premiere Elements 9, and seem to have random issues on video's, which do not happen all the time.


      In the first screenshot from the first video below, You can see the logo,fade and name are all lined up properly



      After the video renders, regardless of the format, I end up with something like below. I am not sure why the text shifts outside of the green bar from where it was originally placed.



      Any suggestions or insight as to why this happens?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I have seen similar, where the Project's Preset did not match the Source Footage (the Video Clips), and things get mis-aligned.


          Titles are dependent on the Project Preset for things like Frame Size and PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio).


          Check your Project Preset settings for all attributes vs the Source Footage, just to get that out of the way.


          Next, if one has done any animation on the Title (Titles in your case probably), I would look closely at the Animation Presets, if used, or the animation Keyframes, if one did not use an Animation Preset.


          Can you also include a screen-cap of the portion of the Timeline, where your Title/Titles appear? I would actually do two, where one would be with the Text Title Selected, and the Effects Control Panel (Edit Effects with a Clip Selected will open that), and the fixed Effect>Motion twirled open. The second would be with the Shape Title Selected and again, the Effects Control Panel open to Effect>Motion.


          If you did not manually animate the Titles, then please list the exact steps and settings that you used, plus a description of the Title/Titles.


          Thanks for the info and good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You can also work around this issue by outputting your video as an AVI or M2T before you generate a DVD or web video. (Which settings you use for your output depends on whether you're working on a hi-def or standard definition final product.)


            But, as Bill says, first step is to ensure your project settings match your source footage. Then:

            1) For a standard def project, use Share/Computer/AVI with the DV preset. Place this in a DV project to produce your final output.

            2) For a hi-def project, use Share/Computer/MPEG with the 1440x1080 MPEG preset. Place this video in a project set up for HDV to produce your final output.

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              ironicsky Level 1

              Thank you, you were both right. I changed the output to match the source and everything aligned properly.

              So I guess this brings me to my next question. We are shooting in HD (1920x1080). If we want to downscale it to SD so the file sizes are more manageable (for websites and such) how do we downscale it without having this issue? Do we need to render it as a complete video matching the original, then use the new output to downscale it to the desired format?



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If you do the downscaling in your Export/Share, and choose an exact match for both your Aspect Ratio and PAR, then you should not have these issues. From full HD, that would mean Square Pixels, and an Aspect Ratio of 1.77. I would shy away from the DV output settings, as you will likely face Aspect Ratio issues, and will experience PAR issues.


                For the Web, I would look into FLV, and test.


                Good luck,