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    Mixing D3100 1080p 24fps with Gopro hero 1080p30fps


      Hey all,


      I want to shoot constant POV Video with my Gopro hero hd, and then capture some unique stuff with my Nikon
      D3100 and combine them in one project using Premiere Elements 9.  If I set them both to 1080p, then the Gopro is 30fps, and the Nikon 24fps.  I can match them both up at 720p 30fps, but the Gopro has a field of view that is too wide for my taste at that setting, and I hate giving up the quality.  Not sure about how to handle audio yet, but will eventually use a separate audio recorder at some point.


      gspot screenshots:








      capture 2.PNG


      I hope to share these videos on Vimeo HD. I am a novice, and I am not sure what effect converting a clip to a differant fps would have, and I am not sure is this is necessary. Any advice would be appreciated.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Mixing footage, and especially with different Frame Rates, almost always leads to issues. However, you could do a test Project, with each camera's footage, and see what the output looks like.


          About the best that one can do is to convert one set of footage, to match the other. There are several freeware programs that will do this, but you might also have luck doing it with PrE, by creating two separate Projects, that match each camera's footage. Edit, as is needed, then Export one Project to a format that matches the other camera's Project, Import that output file, and finish editing.


          This ARTICLE might also provide some tips on Go-Pro footage.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            That's going to be a tough mix, Thom. Not only is it unwise to mix two different formats of any kind in Premiere Elements, you're dealing with some especially challenging formats! Shooting in 24 fps only compounds your issues.


            The first challenge is the Go Pro helmet cam. From the online specs, it does not appear to produce a video format that is compatible with Premiere Elements. This is typical of non-traditional camcorders, which often use proprietary codecs in order to fit their video into as small a space as possible. In fact, due to the nature of the video this camcorder outputs, you'd be much wiser to use a program like Quicktime Pro ($29 from Apple.com) to edit this particular video or to use it to convert the video to a more compatible format.


            You may have better luck with video from the Canon DSLR if you use one of the DSLR prests that match your footage. However, from the online specs, the cam appears to shoot in MJPEG video, which Premiere Elements doesn't work well with.


            In short, I think this is very much the wrong video editing software to use with your video. You may be able to fudge it -- but more likely you're going to spend a lot of time ripping your hair out because it just won't work right. I could be completely wrong. But based on what you've told me and my experience with Premiere Elements, I'd say not.


            The trick, then, is to find the right project settings for your video. The test is to add your video to that project's timeline. If there is no red line above your clips before you add effects to them, then the project settings are correct for your video. If you do see a red line above your video, you're using an incompatible video codec or the wrong project setting -- and that usually means problems on down the road.


            Sorry for the bad news. But I'd rather tell you upfront rather than get you deep into a project and then have to dig you out of an epic fail.

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              thomhero Level 1

              Thanks for the quick replies,


              Before I posted, I searched for similar topics, and I saw that you often asked for Gspot data, so I tried to include it in my post.  Did it not show up?


              I have imported and edited both sources in PE9, so I am mostly worried about mixing them and picking a project setting that matches both.  The take away that I am getting from you both is to set both cameras to 720p X 30fps and avoid the trouble.  I can do this, but I am willing to learn how to jump through some hoops if I can maximize the quality I get from these two cameras.


              Thanks again,


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I think what we're actually saying is, first, that you're not likely to have success with helmet cam footage in Premiere Elements. You'll need to use a program like Quicktime Pro to convert it to a format Premiere Elements can work with. (Although I don't think it would hurt to try the footage in a project set up for AVCHD 1920x1080 stereo. It MIGHT work -- though there is more than one type of AVC, so it depends on whether or not the helmet cam footage is using a standard AVC compression or a proprietary one. It appears to be using a custom codec call M1V -- which means it's not going to work natively in Premiere Elements.)


                Then, second, you can't mix those formats into the same project. So you've got to figure out a format that you can convert both formats to in order to mix them.


                And, finally, we're saying you should experiment with Premiere Elements on that DSLR footage and see if you can find a project setting that works with that footage. Remember that the acid test is, when you add the footage to the project's timeline, you will NOT see a red line above the clips until you add effects to them. Finding the ideal project setting is going to be vital to working with this footage.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Also, if the D3100 footage IS MJPEG (seems that Nikon has introduced another CODEC in some of their newer DSLR's, so the manual might be needed to find out), then also see this ARTICLE for some tips.


                  Good luck,



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                    thomhero Level 1

                    You guys must be pulling your hair out, because I am obviously not doing a good job stating my problem.  Please bear with me!

                    You are both trying hard to explain why I am having trouble dealing with the video captured with my two cameras, but that is not my problem.  I have successfully imported 720p 30fps video from each camera into their own project in PE9, edited it, and outputted them to Vimeo with no real issues.  I am also confident that I can figure out how to combine the video from both cameras as long as I set them both to 720p 30fps, although I might be a little naive.  My problem, as I see it, is that the 1080p setting on the Hero records only at 30fps, and the 1080p setting on my Nikon records only at 24fps.


                    Should I:


                    a.)  leave both cameras at 720fps 30fps, accept the quality hit, be happy, and stop bugging you guys.

                    b.)  convert one or the other to a matching frame rate.  Not sure if it is best, or possible, to go up to 30, or down to 24?

                    c.)  some other option that I am not seeing because I don't know what I am talking about.


                    Thanks for your patience,



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                      Robert J. Johnston Level 3

                      Both videos are h.264/AVC.


                      I ran a test on some of my clips and found that putting 1080p 23.976 and 1080p 29.97 in a 1080p 23.976 project worked very well if sharing to a 1080i 29.97 video, which is what you are limited to when burning a NTSC Blu-ray movie in Premiere Elements 9.


                      If you did go from 30p to 24p in a 30p project, you should put the Frame Blend option on. That makes a big difference. Without it the video looks like it misses beats where there's movement.