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    Finding 'Invalid Metadata errors'


      I have a project (Flash Builder 4, 4.0.0 SDK) that now gives me an "Invalid Metadata Error".  It shows me the file, but no line number and no other indication as to what is wrong.


      I've gone through the code line by line and don't see any errors, as it worked before.  I started commenting out lines and functionality with no success.  I've worked my way back to things I added to code by deleting them and the functionality I built.  No luck.  Still give me the Invalid Metadata Error.


      Running in debug mode doesn't even start cause it throws the error first and when I say continue it doesn't.  Go figure...


      I've searched for similar errors and the causes and fixes are all over the place from coding, to skins, to AS3 issues to whatever so no help there. 


      So are there any Flash Builder guru's out there that can help?

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          MikePotratz Level 1

          I must say that for an "official" Adobe forum on their new premiere product, there is a distinct lack of company involvement here.

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            Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

            The error is because either:


            1. The compiler did not recognize or understand a particular metadata tag. If you're using custom metadata tags, let the compiler know: http://krasimirtsonev.com/blog/article/as3-using-creating-custom-meta-metadata-in-flex

            2. You have a syntax error which tricks the compiler into thinking there is a metadata tag when there is none. For example: ["foo" + number].


            Searching for all metadata tags should help you narrow this down.



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              MikePotratz Level 1

              I finally spent about 3+ hours going through the code line by line.  Comment out a line. Run. Fix? No?  Uncomment line.


              The problem?  A line where I concantanated a string + the value from a database + string.  All strings, no numbers, no nulls.  Just putting 3 text strings together. 


              Have no idea WHY this would not work, it just didn't.  I've seen plenty of examples of code where a returned database value is concantanated with another string.


              The frustration is that if the compiler finds the error, recognizes the error, stops the process....it would seem that it could at least provide more then "invalid metadata error" in an unknown location.  I think it knows exactly where the error is.


              And the terminology is a bit confusing also.  When I think of "metadata", I don't think of text strings being displayed on the screen....