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    Developer wanted


      Hi everyone! I am looking for a developer to help me with some modifications with the RVC video chat. I am on a tight budget but willing to pay $350 for this:
      I need to change the login screen to auto fill the username with names from a txt/xml file OR database table. Simply add a random name from the table. The next thing is to adjust the connection speed via Adobe server to the Red5 speed. The script is good with Red5 but slow with Adobe. Here is the download page: http://code.google.com/p/video-chat/downloads/list

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          Give current consulting rates; that will most likely get you a half day of work; maybe possible a day depending on the consultant's rate.


          How about you try it yourself; then come back to us with specific problems where we may be able to direct you.


          Or; reevaluate your budgets for bringing in someone external.

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            VisionChat Level 1

            I managed to locate the user ID and username in the script after     checked the MySQL records and created  the auto-fill. Sorry, missed     that there is a new version that includes the user names just need     to use the svn and not download,     http://code.google.com/p/video-chat/source/browse/

            About the connection, I don't understand the code, it is closely     related to RTMFP video technology and seems to use the described     method. No big difference between RTMP (Red5) and RTMFP (Cirrus) but     with cirrus, connections are dropped sometimes. May be something     with the logic?

            Thank you!

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              UbuntuPenguin Level 4

              I would be a little more optimistic than Jeffrey on finding someone to do it, but don't expect a whole lot of time to be devoted to it.  I am not sure how popular video is in Flex apps ( but I assume it is really popular for certain types of apps ) but I think the Red5 usage is going to hurt you seeing as how there aren't gobs of Flex developers working with it compared to your run of the mill crud apps.


              @Jeff, What kind of market has it where Flex devs pulling down $3500 a week NYC, LA, San Fran ?

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                JeffryHouser Level 4

                @UbuntuPenguin Most US based consultants I know are in the $100 hour range and up.  Most work in telecommuting situations; so they are all over.

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                  UbuntuPenguin Level 4

                  Jaw Drops

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                    JeffryHouser Level 4

                    Are you not based in the US?


                    Here are a few sources:





                    I apologize to the original poster for hijacking this thread.  It wasn't my intention.

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                      VisionChat Level 1

                      @JeffryHouser No problem, your post helped a lot, thanks! We tried     to find the bug or logical issue that is causing dropped connections     with Adobe Cirrus and I must say it will take several hours or more,     even for a flex/as pro.
                      UbuntuPenguin has right, most developers are not comfortable with     the RTMFP, AFMS and Cirrus. About two weeks ago, the developers from     videosoftware added this fix to their forum and later to the project     but I am not sure I understand it:
                      http://code.google.com/p/video-chat/source/diff?spec=svn9&r=9&format=side&path=/trunk/src/ jabbercam/manager/HttpCCUserManager.as

                      Tonight we tested this version from svn, I don't know what to say.     Yes, the connection got much faster, not even comparable to what it     was before but still inferior compared to Red5. What is strange, as     I see the whole thing is the same, no matter if you use Red5 or     Cirrus. Am I missing something? Even the developers are posting     confusing answers at their forum, regarding this connection issue,     they blame the sync (milliseconds) between the local MySQL and     remote Cirrus and say it cannot be synchronized in real time because     it would cause extreme server load and millions of SQL queries.

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                        Hi, I don't know if you find the right person for the job yet but this is something we have expertise in and would love to collaborate on. Where can I reach out to you for details?


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