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    Problem with ExternalInterface.addCallback

      Hi all,
      I'm facing a weird problem. I'm using ExternalInterface.addCallback for interaction between Javascript and my flex application. When I compile this '.as' file in my Eclipse environment, everything works fine and when I deploy it also, things work fine and I can call my actionscript methods from javascript. But when I try to create an
      'swc' file out of this '.as' file from command prompt, I get the following error:

      C:\temp\output\flexsrc\com\test\MyTest.as(10): col: 20 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method addCallBack through a reference with static type Class.

      ExternalInterface.addCallBack("myMethod", TestClass.testMethod);

      Here's the command I'm using to create the swc file:

      "%FLEX_HOME%\bin\compc" -source-path+=%SRCPATH%\output\flexsrc -output=%SRCPATH%\output\MyTest.swc -compiler.debug -include-classes com.test.MyTest

      Flex home is pointing to the right directory. I also have the method 'call' being referenced from ExternalInterface in the same class and that goes through fine without throwing any errors:
      ExternalInterface.call("showName", sysName);

      Any idea why the call for ExternalInterface.addCallBack is not compiling?