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    Batch Sequence to "Recognize Text Using OCR" for Subfolders


      I set up a Batch Sequence as follows:


      Command: "Recognize Text Using OCR"

      Run commands on: Selected Folder (pointed to a folder with sub-folders containing different text pdfs)

           Source File Options: no changes from the default

      Select output location: Same Folder as Original(s)

           Output Options: File Nameing - Same as Originals; Output Format - Adobe PDF Files (dropdown), Fast Web View (selected), PDF Optimizer (selected) with no changes made to the settings (default left as is).


      When I run the sequence it doesn't run on any of the subfolders.  A Warnings and Errors dialogue pops up with "No files were processed." message.


      What am I doing wrong?  Can the batch run on subfolders?


      Thanks in advance!




      P.S. I can run the OCR command via the Document Menu option "OCR Text Recognition" on a file by file basis.  I can't do it file by file for 1,000's of files!