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    Flex Code Coverage not recognized in STS with FB 4.5 plugin


      I use the SpringSource Tool Suite with the FlashBuilder 4.5 plugin.  I recently tried to install the Code Coverage Plug-in using the instructions on the web page  http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash-builder/articles/ascode-coverage.html  Unfortunately, I have not found a way to get this to work.  I have placed the  com.adobe.flash.codecoverage_4.0.2.jar  in the sts-2.6.1.SR1/plugins directory as specificed.  After restarting my IDE I cannot find the Coverage perspective as identified.  I have copied the .jar file to my Adobe/FlashBuilder4.5/plugins directory and coverage shows up when running FB; however, although I installed the plugin by using the tool in the FB 4.5 utilities directory and it works perfectly in STS, I can't get the coverage plugin to show up in STS.  Any ideas?